Clinical Psychopharmacology Group

Prof. Dr. Berna Uluğ, Prof. Dr. Aylin Uluşahin, Prof. Dr. M. Kâzım Yazıcı, Prof. Dr. Başaran Demir, Prof. Dr. Suzan Özer, Prof. Dr. Elif Anıl Kostakoğlu, Prof. Dr. Aygün Ertuğrul

Clinical studies on the pharmacological treatment of psychiatric diseases are being conducted in the psychiatry department. In these projects, data are gathered regarding the efficacy and suitability of psychotropic drugs, as well as their probable effects on the course and outcome of complicated psychiatric diseases. Some of these projects are conducted in collaboration with the departments of biochemistry, nuclear medicine, radiology and biophysics. It is our hope that these cooperative projects will increase in the future.