Neuro-immunology Group

Prof. Dr. Banu Anlar, Prof. Dr. Rana Karabudak, Prof. Dr. Emin Kansu, Prof. Dr. Dicle G

Within the framework of the fellowship program of the NSP institute and in collaboration with the Adult Clinical Neuro-immunology Unit, Pediatric Neurology, the Neuro-immunology Unit and the Basic Oncology Department of the Institute of Oncology, the neuro-immunology group has the following activities planned:

  • The development and study of an experimental allergic encephalomyelitis model
  • Planning and developing immunological and genetic studies together with the Basic Oncology Department
  • Producing a database of diseases that are considered to be in the framework of neuro-immunology
  • Participating in international, multi-center clinical trials
  • Organizing clinical studies with the participation of different universities and playing an active role in these studies
  • Participation in the establishment and activities of the European Neuro-immunology School
  • Organization of the Turkish Neuroimmunology School, supported by the above institution every two years.
  • Organizing meetings for educating patients and their families on all developments regarding Multiple Sclerosis, in collaboration with the Ankara Multiple Sclerosis association