Epilepsy Work Group

Adult and Pediatric Neuorology Subgroup
Prof. Dr. Serap Saygı, Prof. Dr. Meral Topçu, Prof. Dr. Güzide Turanlı,
Doç. Dr. Dilek Yalnızoğlu, Doç. Dr. Neşe Dericioğlu

Radiology Sub Group
Prof. Dr. Işıl Saatçi, Prof. Dr. Ayşenur Cila, Prof. Dr. Kader Karlı Oğuz

Neuropsychology Test Sub Group
Neuropsychologist Demet Açıkgöz

Nuclear Medicine For Inerictal, Ictal SPECT Subgroup
Prof. Dr. Belkıs Erbaş, Doç. Dr. Eser Lay Ergün

Molecular Genetics And Brain Research Laboratory Subgroup

Prof. Dr. Meral Özgüç, Prof. Dr. Turgay Dalkara,
Doç. Dr. Filiz Özbaş Gerçeker
Working in active collaboration, this group is comprised of researchers from the Departments of Neurology, Pediatric Neurology (together with the neuropsychology unit), Pathology and Radiology. Together, this subgroup runs clinical research and services. With contributions from the Nuclear Medicine and Psychiatry departments, this subgroup aims to establish an ideal clinical and surgical treatment center for epilepsy, supported by the reorganized EEG video monitoring unit and intracranial recording methods that have been developed. In addition to improving current clinical research and establishing a database recording system, this subgroup plans to implement a broad study on the genetic aspects of epilepsy in collaboration with the department of molecular biology. Research on surgical material, detailed molecular and physiological studies, and broad pathophysiological research on experimental epilepsies are all expected to be done.

Neurosurgery Sub Group
Prof. Dr. Nejat Akalan, Doç. Dr. Burçak Bilginer

Pathology Sub Group
Prof. Dr. Figen Söylemezoğlu, Doç. Dr. Gaye Güler Tezel